3D Archery Shoot

Put your archery skills to the test!

3D archery

A unique and fun course

The Experience Texas Outdoor Showcase is thrilled to host its first-annual 3D Archery Shoot, presented by The Archery Shack of Lubbock, Texas, with targets provided by the Scurry County 4-H Club.

This unique experience will test the skill and determination of archers of all experience levels on a rugged and challenging (yet fun and rewarding) 30-target course around Lake Trammell, just south of Sweetwater. Steep angles, tight shot windows, and unexpected, entertaining targets in unique scenarios will present new and exciting tests for the form, focus, and shot execution of even the most advanced shooters. Guaranteed CASH PRIZES will be awarded to winners!

A number of bow shops from across West Texas will present the latest archery products on the market. Visitors wishing only to walk the course and observe must also sign a safety waiver, but are more than welcome to purchase an observer’s pass.

Absolutely NO BROADHEADS will be allowed on the course. If a broadhead is fired into a target, the shooter will immediately be asked to exit the course, and the shooter will be held responsible for replacing the target.

Masks and appropriate social distancing will be enforced in the registration area, and parties of no more than 5 will occupy each shooting station at any given time. Parties will be transported from the registration and warm-up area to Target 1 in 10-minute intervals.

Chuck Barbee: (325) 207-0276

John Everett: (325) 207-6584

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Please call ahead to reserve your shoot time. If you are running behind on your arrival time, please give us a call. The shooting schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday: 7:00am – 3:30pm

Sunday: 7:00am – 11:00am

18 and Under


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Over 18


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Purchase your entry tickets below. To reserve your shoot time and learn more details and information, please contact: 
Chuck Barbee: (325) 207-0276
John Everett: (325) 207-6584
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